Trying to be a hard ass and yell at my sister for busting in my room without knocking and I was like just because I don’t have a real door and it’s just a sliding ghetto closet door doesn’t mean you don’t have to knock and I just ended up busting up laughing. Mission accomplished she’s definitely gonna knock next time.


My absolute pride and joy.
~ Basement / I Wish I Could Stay Here - UK tour press /80 ~
I wish my homework was to read a book once in a while but no it’s always writing papers.

Whatever, forever. #modernbaseball

And three records later I haven’t even started my homework

Shoutout to @will_crash for letting the members of agbpol sign my twiabp record. #twiabp
50 bucks to see tbs just because it’s apart of my some rib festival fuck ribs I just want to see tbs.
So far this year I met Evan for the second time and dan for the first time. And yes I could have cropped you out but this was easier.
Neither of them understand personal space especially cheddar.